10 Steps to Embedding a Successful Lean Farm Improvement Culture

Posted in Uncategorized on 20/04/2018.

I have outlined ten steps to embedding a successful Lean farm improvement culture below.

1. Lean Farm will not be successful without the full support and encouragement of the Farm Manager/Leader/Owner.

2. The entire farm team are trained on the key concepts of Lean Farm.

3. Identify how value is generated in your farm and what activities do not add value – learn to do a “waste walk”.

4. Continuously challenge every area of production activity throughout the farm.

5. Continuously focus on clearly defined targets based on pre-set improvement objectives.

6. Farm performance data is recorded, monitored and communicated weekly – make it visual on the farm.

7. Standard checks (incorporating Lean practices) are performed weekly by “walking the farm”.

8. Involve the entire farming team (including family, paid labour, relief staff and advisors), making improvements a common goal.

9. Ensure that there is a shared understanding of what is to be achieved and how and why individual roles are critical.

10. Seek expert help to get your Lean farm initiative off the ground.

You can find out about our Lean Dairy certificate programme here.

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