Our Partners

Our Partners

Deise 1250

Deise 1250 is an extremely progressive group of farmers (21 members) and one of the leading dairy discussion groups in Ireland. It consists of members who were in other various discussion groups previously that did not meet their needs. They wanted to join a group that would be more challenging and that would focus specifically on profitable milk production in a labour efficient manner.

Since 2008 and with the removal of the milk quota system, members have totally specialised in milk production with the removal of any cattle or dry stock enterprises that they had.

Most members now carry cows and replacements only and some members have gone a step further by just carrying cows only with the replacements being contract reared on other farms. Consequently the herd size has increased to an average of 210 cows, significantly leading to an increase in milk production of almost 70%.

The group has achieved many successes over the years including the Best New Group category in the 2009 National EBI competition. The following year in 2010 they won the National EBI Discussion Group Competition outright and subsequently hosted a large scale open day in September 2011 on one of the member farms.

Captal Farms

Captal Farms consists of a series of farm partnerships that currently milk in excess of 1,500 cows on four farms. Co-Founders Pat Ryan and John Condon have driven the business since 2006 and the system is built around co-operative farming and about farmers being practical about their individual situations.

The evolution of the model stems to a large degree from Pat Ryan’s belief in his own stock and his unwillingness to sell them cheap. From a management perspective, the Captal operations function separately from each other.

Each farm makes day to day management decisions in their own right within the overarching model of the business. Captal are looking to grow the business in the coming years and are always on the lookout for new partners and people to join the team.

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